Another day?
 Well its been a few days before christmas now, but im still like normal not really in the spirit. I'd much rather be producing music or something on those lines then really pay attention to the modern day conception, of what christmas is. Anywho, i managed to finish the first chapter of my story. yay, and at the same time have thought up about 4 songs haha. Past that nothing really cool has happened still trying to get my hands on a job haha its annoying when you want to get one, and you can't cause of the stupid language barriers in this province...anyways past that nothing really interesting has gone down so im just going to head back to hanging out with my fellow friends and such and wish the few who read this a merry christmas and happy new year.

Update =O
 So i began to truly fully take on guitar, and began my increase in guitar dexterity. Since i'm pretty much already good at cross picking. So i'm doing that roughly doing that, probably eventually be able to do it for hours on end. which would prove to be fun in the long run. Since i already sing and play bass, might as well learn the others :P and just do self albums or singles XD

Other then that i began writing a story again, be it that i don't have my amp so music is near impossible to write. Past lyrics obviously. So i'm going to pick up some stuff from that as well. The story mind you will be pretty interesting i find,so going for the same style i normally write isn't going to be much of a problem. There is about 5 main characters in the story, and they have to deal with supernatural events while maintaining a "normal" life.

Past all that jobs are pretty much impossible to find for me cause i speak englishfor some odd reason XD got to hate people who are closed minded to just one language i guess :P I also decided to come back to my fathers for abit after almost 3 weeks not being here just so i can pick up my guitar and possibly bass to bring it back to my other location. Pretty annoying.

In about 3 days i have a party for my birthday that i planned haha. Didn't want it to just be another drinking time. so that should be interesting, we are having some karaoke and from their i dunno for sure. But im sure its going to be a pretty cool night.

Anyways thats all =D till next time.


So yah im going to be heading off to ontario for abit XDD supposite suprise party...hmm i wonder how thats going to go...anyways, got back to talking to a friend of mine again, so i guess thats pretty good see it we haven't talked in so long. And once more, working on random shit XDD when i  should be seriously trying to get a job. Man, sometimes i fail at finding shit haha. Anyways, this is about it i guess?

Need to hit up a guitar shop  to look at the ESP guitars and feel them up =3 haha

Hmm, past that i believe that my music still stands at pretty heavy, even though nothing has been recorded yet, few random meet ups i did and it was brutal as hell \m/  i figure its pretty heavy when people that don't know the music start head banging XDD hopefully i'll get a more stable line up haha. and get better at guitar at that =D haha you never know anyways thats about it for now haha.



Severed <-- =O
 New song that i think i may have possibly mentioned. Anyways, still working out the beats and lyrics, though i got the title in my head from walking and playing a mock beat and lyrics to it XDD

Past that going to clean up my room and play some video games after thats done XDD


Random update
 So, i pretty much am picking up alot of my instruments again. Sung for my manager XD she wanted me to pretty much leave and come down to do music and stuff with her. It was pretty funny if i do say so myself.

Past that, my dog hurt herself, so i landed up taking care of her for 3 days myself instead of going out and practicing or doing something productive XD.

Besides that, nothing much, moved a few people, listened to the new gazette pv. New songs...and wrote some music. That would be my so interesting life...Oh, and was trying to learn a para para dance XDD when your bored you'll never know what you'll do :P

Anyways that was my random short and useful update *rolls eyes* haha.


Amp and pedal?
 So, heres the deal suppositly i can get an amp and pedal for like...50 bucks or something =D. never saw the amp or pedal so that can be a bitch and i dunno if the dude sold it or not yet XD but still that would be awesome no? talk about learning really fast in a short time after that haha.

so if not it just means i'll have to use my cousins dads amps XD and get 4 piercings haha and my hair cut... woot =D

Well besides that lame post that only you 3 people can see unless people are reading it =O i'll post up something later on haha XD


Musical thoughts
 So, i was sitting down listening to some of the Jrock, and Visual kei stuff that i do listen to, and of course listening to the newer ones. And i was thinking to myself, when i do make a band, and they understand the inspiration being off of VK and Jrock, we'd probably be having one of the most heavy full songs, if not all of them on one album atleast in the history of that genre. Of course this is an assumption since i have not heard every single vk and jrock song in the world, but from what i have pretty brutal compared to most of the music (which they are still great don't get me wrong i love that music.)

Yah soo... i'll really need to get a band together for that one haha.

Tell later,

Journal Entry 1?
 Okay, so i figure i might as well attempt to start one of these things. So here goes nothing.

I've come to realize that i may be awhile before i go to the states, more so take in the factor of it being 3 years in the making, and the heartful pain my friends have to endure for this as well. Staying on that topic, i figure is probably the major reason i didn't make a band yet, out of fear of leaving my band mates behind and not being able to help them out in anyway.

Past that, it landed up happening where i started hanging out with my old ex band mate Red (nick names are good to protect identities) but it seems that he's worth then before and with that in mind, it may be pretty much a butcher for me to even start a band with him. Taking drugs himself way to much and more on that line, really messed him up, and put a bigger rift in our already destroyed friendship. Which happened cause he punched a girl in the face. Which i can't say he really did since i wasn't their to confirm it, but i figure if my good friend G saw it, and confirms it, its pretty much down to earth on that part.

Wow, people really write these huh? haha well anyways i've also come to the conclusion that once i move to the states im going to need a way to stay calm and not kill my family (whom im staying with only cause they said they'd pay for my way to the states since they are moving there as a group haha). When i say kill by the way, i don't mean it literally =D i mean it as a random word to describe my deep anger towards them as beings.

Anyways, i am sure that i'll be able to get my life together at some point O.O hopefully i'll have some band mates willing to try out jrock and vk style things (and hopefully i will have purchased my guitar amp and pedal haha) then we could try out other things like original stuff. i have way to many written death metal songs so im sure i can do something with those :P

Well that was my thoughts and recalls of the day, since all i did was walk with Blood all day, and hung out with him i figure its all good for a boring day that ended somewhat in thought =D.

Ja~Ne ,


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